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We are experts in community impact and change.


If you would like to achieve a certain outcome for your community that is not related to the programmes below,  please do get in touch with us.


We will work with you to develop the right programme

to suit your needs.

Entrepreneurship Programme


This programme focuses on actual income increase. The impact of the programme to the community is real, measurable and sustainable.


We have worked with a wide range of communities, including the hardcore poor, aspiring entrepreneurs, people with disabilities, single mothes, housewives and high-income entrepreneurs.


The programme revolves around practical and implementable strategies that can be adapted and used by individuals of all income levels.


Key Features:

- Fast turnaround 

- No loans are necessary

- Measurable results 

- Continuous income increase even after programme

- Participants from any background and financial status

- End-to-end project management

​Financial Intelligence


Specific programmes for adults and children. This programme is structured to provide audience with an understanding of money, how to manage one’s finances and to avoid common financial pitfall


A practical approach on financial management, multiplication and intelligence without hype. The programme focuses on setting the right foundations for sustainable financial breakthroughs.

Key Features:

- Quick investment capital increase
- Strong foundation for personal financial breakthrough
- Provide financial intelligence for capability beyond their years
- Easy-to-use financial management tools
- Application of financial principles
- Prevent economic traps & debts
- Fun & interactive
​Youth Empowerment

All our youth programmes have an underlying strategy:

To empower youths to become nation builders in their field.


Key Programmes:

  1. Youth Attitude Improvement Programme

    • Empowers youth to find potential from within

    • Takes youth out of a mediocrity trap and inspire them to achieve more

  2. Youths For A Cause

    • Gets youth to identify society and community needs

    • Champion the cause with peers and work a project to be a solution to targeted communities

  3. Music Leadership

    • Uses music to connect with youth

    • Teaches leadership skills in a fun way through music, performing arts and humour

    • Full-band with drums and percussion instruments used for atmosphere

  4. Youth Employment Programme

    • Develops holistic employable skills in youth through a 3-month programme that raises the level of the workforce

    • Attitude-improvement to generate ownership & drive

    • Helps youth find placements using our database

Parenting & Family Relationship


A key problem with families today is the relationship gap. Barriers to good parenting include: age gaps, communication gaps, conflicting perspectives and inability to get a buy-in to principles.


Unique Features


Both parents and their children go through it together so the experience and healing process takes place on both sides


Because the programme is highly beneficial and closes generational gaps, it can be used for all levels of society, not only families with issues with teenagers alone 

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