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We are a social enterprise with expertise in community transformation.


With every project we take and every programme we do, we have one emphasis, think for our clients like an owner would and deliver what they need, even if they didn’t ask us for it.


Many of our clients are extremely happy because of results we have achieved for them.

That’s our emphasis , there is no point in delivering solutions that only make us look good, it must achieve results and outcomes that drive our clients’ goals.

Our Ethos

We achieve, because we love transforming people, and because we love the people first!


We take innovation seriously, so much so that we've sometimes been called crazy. But it works!


We eat, breathe and live the cause to make a difference.


We'd rather give you your money back than compromise on ethics.


We care so much, sometimes it hurts.


  • Empowering and transforming communities for significant, sustainable and continuous change.

  • Be an agent of change that implements solutions in key areas for a nation.


Thereby, improving the lives of citizens in a nation.

Service With Heart


All our people put their heart, not just their time into everything they do.


We have a heart for our clients needs.


We have a heart for the participants we train & projects we implement.


We have a heart to raise service levels to achieve outcomes

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